Soběstačný (Self-Sufficient)

Event Description

Soběstačný (Self-Sufficient) - Zuzana Dostalová's fourth prose novel, published by Paseka (2020), captured the attention of readers almost immediately. In the novel, the author delves deep into Czech society and highlights the contrasts of different lifestyles. This sets the backdrop around the events of teenage boy, Štěpán who has just one wish: to be finally self-sufficient. As urgent and sincere as Stephen's narration may be, in line with what we might expect given his age, it is his mother Elen's testimony that most urges readers and listeners to consider what really matters in life. Zuzana Dostálová describes Štěpán's protective relationship to his mother and grandfather with emotion, as well as the doubts and insecurities he harbours in relation to his father. We follow his life over several years, during which he matures and grows, experiences the first throes of love and comes to terms with the unjust wounds of fate.

Powerful, filled with hope, but also sadness, as is life itself and in which music forms an integral part, the theatrical performance Self-Sufficient presents the audience with novel in the form of a stage reading of Lukáš Hejlík's LiStOVáNí. Actors Jiří Ressler and Markéta Lánská are responsible for the dramatization, co-performed by the author Zuzana Dostálová.

For Czech speakers only.

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Zuzana Dostálová
Markéta Lánská
Jiří Ressler (alt. Lukáš Hejlík)


A theatre performance of Self-Sufficient, a novel by the author Zuzana Dostálová in the format of a stage reading.