Prague Proms Jam Session

Event Description

At the point of its creation in 2020, Petr Janda, Marek Pach and Matěj Holeček could hardly have imagined the success their Jam Session project would go on to achieve. Initially based at Terasa inside Smíchov shopping centre, in October 2021 they decided to relocate to the Přítomnost cinema, a functional space tucked away inside one of Prague’s first skyscrapers.

What sets this project apart from the rest is that the band don’t play any jazz standards, but rather create all of their own music mostly drawing inspiration from R&B, Soul, Funk and Groove. Word about their incredible Jam Sessions has clearly got out with 250 to 300 people attending their gigs every two weeks. The friendly and relaxed atmosphere is certainly a big draw for the crowds as well as the opportunity it provides for musicians just starting out to perform alongside professionals.

On this occasion the ensemble will be performing at the Prague Proms festival at The Loop Jazz Club Hostivař. Matěj Holeček, Adam Rek, Marek Pach, Jan Řeháček, Vít Štaigl, Martin Řezáč, Jan Fečo, Petr Janda, Miroslav Hloucal, Petr Kalfus, Jakub Žídek and Simona Hulejová will perform a varied programme including a classic jam session inviting anyone from the audience to join in and tracks F It UP, Let’s Go to Work, plus Tarantino Groove.

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Matěj Holeček, drums
Adam Rek, percussion
Marek Pach, bass 
Jan Řeháček, piano 
Vit Štaigl, guitar
Martin Řezáč, sounding, MOOG & Talkbox 
Jan Fečo, soprano saxophone
Petr Janda, alto saxophone 
Miroslav Hloucal, trumpet
Petr Kalfus, tenor saxophone
Jakub Žídek, trombone
Simona Hulejová, vocal 


Live At The 55 Bar (Only Intro), Janek Gwizdala
F It Up, Louis Cole / Knower
Shofukan / Sleeper, Snarky Puppy
Let‘s Go to Work, Electro Deluxe
Tarantino Groove, Marek Pach

Jam Session