RAZAM & Iva Marešová

Event Description

Get ready for a show by RAZAM and Iva Marešová taking place at The Loop Jazz Club Hostivař at the end of September.  With strong Slavic roots, the group plays world music featuring musicians from the Czech Republic Belarus and Russia. The formation started out as a trio made up of Marešová, Yasinski and Vašíček and together they released the successful album “Kéž bouře by přišla”. The musicians went on to join forces with the Russian viola player Ilia Chernoklinov and the drummer Radek Doležal, renaming the group RAZAM and Iva Marešová. The word RAZAM means “together” in Belarusian. Their songs are characterised by the accordion played by the phenomenal Belarusian accordionist Aliakandr Yasinski and the distinctive voice of Iva Marešová. In 2022 RAZAM and Iva Marešová released the CD “Harpyje u pramene”. The lyrics are mostly written in Czech but, in a nod to their diverse roots, some songs also feature Belarusian, Ukrainian, Russian, Serbian and Macedonian. Their music is a celebration of the human and especially Slavic spirit, the power of human resolve, grace, truth, decency, love, nature, freedom and the multiplicity of our existence. 

In addition to pursuing their own individual and joint artistic projects, the musicians also collaborate with other well-known artists spanning a wide range of genres and cultures. Their concerts offer among the most incredible experiences going, touching audiences with their rawness and authenticity.

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Iva Marešová, vocal
Aliaksandr Yasinski, accordion
Michael Vašíček, guitar, bass
Ilia Chernoklinov, viola, piano
Marco Čaňo, violin
Radek Doležal, drums, percussion, piano, vibraphone


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