Event Description

The vocal sextet Skety is made up of six young Czech singers and has attracted significant attention since 2014. At this year's Prague Proms festival, the group will perform a cross-section of its repertoire, which will feature their original compositions, which are influenced by jazz, but also their unique arrangements of global jazz compositions. The success of the sextet is built upon their perfect harmony, unprecedented engagement and maximum commitment. Their scat pieces and improvisation push the limits of traditional vocal genres. Not only does the group utilise traditional vocal techniques, but it also experiments with beatboxing, looping and digital editing of voices. The group was brought into the spotlight by audiences with their hit piece Alkoholická, which they sang with guest Vojtěch Dyk.

In an interview with Czech Radio, Veronika Vitova, a member of Skety, stated, “We all love jazz and everything we do flows from that passion. If a piece sounds too much like pop, Petr Wajsar takes it to the hilt and turns it into jazz. We are not afraid to make an older pop piece or a jazz standard.”

As part of the upcoming festival, listeners can look forward to the compositions of members of the group including Petr Wajsar, Veronika Vítová and Alice Bauer. Music listeners can look forward to seeing this performance at the Prague music club The Loop Jazz Club Hostivař. The performances will also feature original arrangements by great musicians such as Slim and Slam, George Gershwin and Dorothy Fields.

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SKETY, a cappella sextet

Petr Wajsar, Veronika Vítová, Marta Kloučková, Alice Bauer, Michal Strnad, Štěpán Janoušek, vocals


Original songs and special arrangements of world jazz compositions