Bio Trio

Event Description

Bio Trio is another example of a dynamic group on the contemporary music scene. The band, consisting of guitar, vocals, organ and drums, tests the borders between genres; including funk, blues, jazz and soul. The group performs its original work, as well as adapted pieces.

All three members of the group have extensive experience within the Czech and international music scene and are recognized performers across a wide spectrum of genres. The band was founded as a project in which musicians were given the opportunity to play pieces that they cannot in more conservative projects. These features combine to create an incredible experience for both the audience, as well as the performers themselves.

In no shape or form does the group musically constrict themselves. They avoid doing so by conducting a mutual dialogue in performances, reacting to the mood of the moment, and still placing emphasis on the player's technique. The artistic strength of the Bio Trio emanates from the synergy created by the entire band. An important element is the connection of the individual musicians into one continuous form. Listeners of this group can look forward to a varied repertoire, and most importantly, music full of energy and joy.

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Lukáš Chejn, guitar
Jakub Zomer, Hammond organ, vocals
Pavel Razím, drums


Original songs and remixed music