Dorota Barová Trio: Iluzja

Event Description

When the singer cellist and Ostrava Conservatory graduate, Dorota Barová, was discovered, it was described by many as a revelation on the independent music scene. Spontaneous expression, intimate interpretation, pictorial quality are all phrases someone might use to describe the cellist, loop experimentalist and singer who performs her songs accompanied by cello in Polish and Czech. When asked about the diversity of genres her music encapsulates, she says: “Music doesn’t recognise borders, people are the ones who create those. I want to view it precisely like that, freely. For me it’s all about the message and content as well as the people who I experience this music with.”

Dorota Barová rose to fame for her involvement in the bands Tara Fuki, Vertigo, Tugriki, while she’s also collaborated with Aneta Langerová, Josef Ostřanský, Lenka Dusilová, Beata Hlavenková and others. At this year's PROMS, she’ll be performing at The Loop Jazz Club in Prague’s Hostivař district along with the Dorota Barová trio, and will be presenting their first solo album Iluzja (2018) which picked up an Angel award. She will be accompanied on guitar by Miroslav Chyška and on bass guitar by Miloš Peter Klápště.

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Dorota Barová Trio

  • Dorota Barová, vocal, violoncello
  • Miroslav Chyška, guitar
  • Miloš Peter Klápště, bass guitar


Original Songs

  • Godziny, Dorota Barová / Teresa Drozda
  • Twoje imię, Dorota Barová / Teresa Drozda
  • Taniec, Dorota Barová / K. K. Baczyński
  • To takie proste, Dorota Barová / Dorota Barová
  • Iluzja, Dorota Barová / Dorota Barová
  • Wiem, że nie wiem, Beata Hlavenková / Dorota Barová
  • Wspomnienia, Dorota Barová / Teresa Drozda
  • A może, Dorota Barová / Dorota Barová
  • Dziewczyna, Dorota Barová / Dorota Barová
  • Piosenka śnieżna, Dorota Barová / K. K. Baczyński
  • Pole, Dorota Barová / Ozo Guttler
  • Daj mi znać, Dorota Barová / Andrea Konstankiewicz
  • Moje serduszko, Dorota Barová / Andrea Konstankiewicz
  • Buňky, Dorota Barová / Lukáš Fila