Tribute to AghaRTA Jazz Centrum

Event Description

This year it will be thirty years since the AghaRTA jazz club entered the Czech jazz history books by opening its doors for the first time. Throughout its existence, it has provided a platform for many of the best musicians to shine including Jiří Stivín, Vlasta Průchová, Naima, Karel Růžička, Emil Viklický, Luboš Andršt, Karel Růžička jr., David Dorůžka, Ondřej Pivec, Roman Pokorný, and many others. 

In 2004 the legendary AghaRTA club moved to Železná Street where its glowing reputation continued to flourish. A number of other top musicians also came together here resulting in the creation of two bands: Captain Fingers and the AghaRTA Band. Both formations are among the most compelling that AghaRTA has offered for many years. 

And we’re pleased to announce they will be playing a double concert at this year's Prague Proms festival aptly named Tribute to the AghaRTA Jazz Centrum. Held at The Loop Jazz Club Hostivař in Prague, the evening will serve up tracks by musical icons such as Pat Metheny, Lee Ritenour, Marcus Miller, Sting, the Beatles, Miles Davis, Jeff Lorber, Fourplay and more. Aside from new arrangements, the surprise of the evening will be a guest appearance from the percussionist Imran Musa Zangi.

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AhghaRTA Jazz Centrum

Captain Fingers 

  • Viktor Jerman, guitar
  • Vít Pospíšil, keyboards
  • Vladimír Kliment, bass
  • Michal Hejna, drums
  • Imran Musa Zangi (guest), percussions

AghaRTA Band

  • Adam Tvrdý, guitar
  • Ondřej Kabrna, keyboards
  • Vít Švec, double bass
  • Michal Hejna, drums
  • Imran Musa Zangi (guest), percussions