Focused on Czech Big Band Composers

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We’re introducing to you a truly unusual project, which links many prominent figures of the Czech jazz scene as the authors of all compositions are at the same time excellent players and soloists.

There is no need to introduce the pianist, conductor and arranger Kryštof Marek who has collaborated with the CNSO on many very successful projects.
Boris Urbánek, a native of Ostrava, composes not only in the field of jazz, he is at the same time an active pianist.
A world-renowned and sought-after multi-genre soloist, trumpeter Jan Hasenöhrl, has recently participated in the recording of Vince Mendoza's latest album.
At the age of 24, drummer Filip Jeníček had the opportunity to perform his own compositions with the famous Dutch Metropole Orkest, conducted by Vince Mendoza. He currently works on new compsitions for his fourteen-member "mini" big band.
The works of a very active composer and arranger, double bassist Jaroslav Šimíček, include solo compositions on the border of classical music and jazz, but also large works for both symphony orchestra and big band. He has co-founded his first band named Jazzová Laboratoř with the above-mentioned Boris Urbánek. Well, it seems that Ostrava is a breeding ground for exceptional authors.
Saxophonist Jiří Halada, Germany based EWI player and composer, has collaborated with leading European orchestras both as a soloist and arranger. Thanks to his brilliant technique, he is often being compared to Michael Brecker.

The instrumental diversity would in itself be enough to form a quality Allstars Band. Come and listen to the modern big band jazz. You will surely agree with us that the legacy of the Czech big band tradition lives on.

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  • The Loop Jazz Orchestra
  • Vít Pospíšil, artistic leader
  • Martin Plachý, Jakub Cirkl, David Fárek, Bháráta Rajnošek, Robert Mitrega, saxophones
  • Lukáš Koudelka, Jan Hasenöhrl, Vratislav Bartoš, Roman Kubát, trumpets
  • Josef Pospíšil, Karel Kohout, Aleš Vopelka, Petr Fríd, trombones
  • Jakub Tököly, piano
  • Lukáš Chejn, guitar
  • Tomáš Uhlík, bass
  • Ondřej Pomajsl, drums


  • Barbieca, Jan Hasenöhrl
  • White Mullet – Tunisia, Jan Hasenöhrl
  • Hot Dog, Jiří Halada
  • Editor’s Optimism, Filip Jeníček
  • Spanish Funky Village, Kryštof Marek
  • Rondo For My Children, Kryštof Marek
  • Mojito, Jaroslav Šimíček
  • Straight Up, Jaroslav Šimíček
  • Disco Jam, Jiří Halada
  • Mad Trumpets, Filip Jeníček
  • Spring Water, Boris Urbánek
  • Radio Time, Boris Urbánek
  • All Or Nothing, Boris Urbánek